In times where TVs, smartphones and tablets are all being connected to the Internet, it is increasingly common for people to watch TV at the same time as interacting with their smartphone or tablet. MediaScape is working on helping broadcasters to provide a socially engaging experience across multiple screens for broadcast and streamed content, and associated applications in order to provide the users more consistent multi-device and multi-user media services. This will build upon the success of HTML5 and the marriage of the TV, PC and Mobile worlds.

The Details

Easy Development of Multimedia Multidevice Web Applications

Mediascape provides lightweight and easy using APIs to solve the following problems that used to occur during the development of multimedia multidevice web applications:


The discovery modules awarenes about the device features and the available devices ready to be connected for each application instance.


The association modules orchestrate the mechanism to get into the Web Application using the proper SessionID where application instances corresponding to devices/users are enrolled.


The adaptation modules provide engines to dynamically decide which part of application content goes to which device, according to the current context and device capabilities.


The synchronization modules try to automatically determine the best way to synchronize any stream for web application on any browser.

MEDIASCAPE provides benefits to:


When users want to move from one device to another or deal with multiple devices sequentially or simultaneously, they increasingly expect their services to provide a consistent and seamless experience across multiple devices - independent of any operating system or brand. MediaScape allows them to move elements and functionalities from one device to another without interruption, to control one device from another device remotely, and to share and synchronise their content and interactions on multiple devices simultaneously.


MediaScape allows the convergence of different technologies and the integration of multiple contents and services, being both easy to integrate and well adopted by the off-the-shelf consumer electronics market. The need for the creation and maintenance of totally different developments (services and applications) in order to be compatible with all approaches and brands, such as iOS, Android, HbbTV etc, has been eliminated, resulting in creation and provision of a single application that serves all target environments.

Developers / Service Providers

MediaScape makes it as easy to create multi-screen applications as it is to create an HTML web page, treating any device (TV set, tablet, smartphone, PC) as just one part of the ecosystem and including the broadcast world simply as a new type of resource. Applications automatically adapt to specific target devices, and allow synchronisation in between multiple devices the users might want to use in parallel, so MediaScape increases the range and diversity of potential services and application.